COVID-19 Procedures


Return to Play Plan

ALL members of Box Hill City Archers Inc. (hereafter BHCA) will be informed that the following hygiene standards and guidelines are to be maintained and followed, during the Covid-19 and any subsequent pandemic events.

BHCA members will be notified of these guidelines by email, and they will be made available on the club website and posted on the club noticeboard. The Committee will continue to liaise with Archery Victoria, Archery Australia and the City of Whitehorse to ensure we meet our responsibilities in times of restrictions caused by pandemics.

  • The guidelines issued by the federal and state governments as well as the local government authority Whitehorse City Council are to be followed at all times, especially with regard to social distancing and the number of people allowed to attend the range.
  • The guidelines and recommendations from Archery Australia & Archery Victoria are to be followed at all times, especially with regard to hygiene and maintaining social distancing.
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly, before & after archery, using the 20 second rule as recommended.

Registering to Shoot and Signing In

  • Bookings to be made electronically. Booking information will be provided in email to club members. Once a maximum of 10 is reached bookings close.
  • All archers to use own equipment. No club bows, arrows etc will be available.
  • In order to participate in the shooting, all archers answer the invitation sent out to members for the Sunday shoot.
  • All archers still sign the book. 1 registered key holder will be present at the start of each session to open clubhouse
  • Sanitise hands before signing in/out and bring own pen to do so.
  • Hand sanitiser will be supplied at the sign in/out book and in the storage containers members are encouraged to use it.

Setup and Shooting

  • Any groups outdoors are limited to 10 in a group (infants under one year of age are not included in this limit) or more than 10 in a group, if all persons have the same ordinary place of residence.
  • Should an outdoor facility be large enough to accommodate more than one group of 10, a reasonable distance (minimum of 10m) should be put between each group of 10.
  • Shared equipment may be used as long as it is cleaned between each user.
  • Toilets and changerooms can be used subject to adequate hygiene and regular cleaning.   All touch surfaces must be wiped down a minimum of twice per day.
  • Where outdoor target archery ranges are used for exercise and physical recreation or community sport it is recommended that, on a target range, only one archer per target be allocated.  Where more than one archer is allocated to a target (subject to the 1.5m distancing requirements, archers should retrieve their own arrows.
  • Wearing of face masks is mandatory, except whilst executing a shot. Walking to and fro to collect and collect arrows masks must be worn.
  • Every archer uses their own target, except archers who live in the same household.
  • Target faces to be kept on butts until replaced. Replacement faces stored in shipping container.
  • Each archer is responsible for their own target butt - removing from storage, setting up and packing up after use.
  • Limit of 1 person at a time in shipping containers.
  • Use sanitising liquid before opening the container, putting up the cordon and signs or pulling out targets. The same applies when putting these back. No wipes or gloves, they are not environmentally friendly.
  • Target butt and target pins to be sanitised before and after use.
  • Keep target face on the butt until it is no longer shootable, then dispose of it by putting it in the bin (do not leave it trailing around). If you switch from large to small face, keep the face that is not used stowed away at the side of the target. Sars-Cov-2 lives on surfaces for a maximum of 72 hours, so using a different target after a week should be no risk during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Pull out your own arrows.
  • Set up and put away your own target butt. Remember to use sanitising liquid.
  • It is recommended that you pack your own food and water and ensure that you are not sharing. Remember the kitchen is closed.
  • Visitors or spectators are not permitted. Walk-ins will be advised to leave and contact BHCA via our e-mail address or Facebook page.
  • Members who feel ill are to stay home. If you feel ill on the range, please notify a Committee member immediately.

If a Member Becomes Unwell

The BHCA Covid management Rep. must immediately notify Council of any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 linked with use of Council facilities (sports field/green/court or pavilion/club house).

Please notify Olivea Sutton - Recreation Services Officer on 0407 519 501 (m) with a follow up email: 

Committee Members have the authority to advise a member who seems ill to leave the club/range.

The Committee of Box Hill City Archers Inc. retain the right to amend the above requirements in the above ‘Return to Play’ plan, according to the current changing situation/environment.