Notable Members

Perhaps the title of this page is a poor choice. All of our members are important to us. The members on this list are notable for their skills and knowledge. If there's something you want to know or need help with, one of these people can either help you directly, or at least set you on the right path. Whether it's picking up some maintenance skills, or equipment purchasing recommendations, there's a veritable brains trust for you to consult if you wish.

In addition to help with your own equipment, there may be times you need to report an issue or problem around the club. Browse the list below for a key member that can assist with whatever problem it is. 

The first members of the club that novice archers meet are generally the instructors that run the Beginners Courses. They can be your first port of call for many things and can point or introduce you to other members that might have more detailed knowledge or experience. We also have a number of expert members that have decades of shooting experience that you should definitely talk to if you've got a problem that nobody else has been able to help you solve.



Vincent Chau

  • Experienced recurve archer (since 2011)
  • Qualified instructor and current President
  • Recurve bow string maintenance (servings and nock points), but not string construction
  • Familiar with recurve bow tuning
  • Arrow construction and maintenance
  • Leads maintainenance of club bows and arrows
  • Target maintenance

Irene Moser

  • Club Recorder
  • Experienced recurve archer
  • Qualified instructor, formerly Beginners Coordinator
  • Recurve bow string construction and maintenance
  • Arrow construction and maintenance
Michael Thomas
  • Expert left-handed compound archer (since 2008)
  • Expert left-handed recurve archer (since 1991)
  • Arrow construction and maintenance
  • Recurve bow string construction and maintenance
  • Compound bow tuning and maintenance
  • Experienced instructor and form troubleshooter
  • Target maintenance 

Alex Haward

  • Experienced compound archer
  • Qualified instructor
  • Arrow construction and maintenance
  • Target maintenance
  • Events Coordinator and spit-roast master. Speak to him about holding more social events and BBQs
Chris Wood 
  • Expert compound archer
  • Qualified instructor (teaches primarily at sister club, Yarra Bowmen)
  • Arrow construction and maintenance
  • Compound bow tuning and maintenance
  • Active competition archer. Speak to him about participating in competitions 
  • Also shoots at Yarra Bowmen and Waverley City Archers
  • Club Treasurer. Previously our Secretary. Has a lot of experience managing our relationship with the council whose grounds we rent for shooting on, and shoots at many other clubs

Matthew Webster

  • Helped design and fabricate our current interation of steel target frames
  • Report steel frame maintenance issues to him
  • Applies his skills as a professional tradesman to help with various handyman tasks around the club
  • Organises fun shoot activities with Alex. Speak to him about holding more field shooting activities
Archie Kaan
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Is interested in developing novices into experienced archers
  • Works with the University of the Third Age to provide archery instruction to retirees and seniors

Rob De Groot

  • Longbow archer (Our only one!)
  • Fabricates the wooden parts of our targets
  • Report wooden frame maintenance issues to him